What is another word for putter?

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The word "putter" is typically used to describe someone who is aimlessly tinkering with something or making small, idle movements. However, there are a variety of synonyms that can be used to describe this type of behavior. For example, someone who is puttering around may also be referred to as dawdling, fiddling, or twiddling. They may also be described as pottering, messing about, or meandering. In some cases, the word "putter" may be used to describe someone who is playing golf, in which case synonyms such as golfing, hitting, or teeing off may be more appropriate.

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    How to use "Putter" in context?

    The putter is a club that is used tostrike the ball in golf.It is a thin club with fouror five flat edges that are glued to a metal head.The putter is held betweenthe hands with the palm facing downward.The golfer Layout their feet with the left heel on the line between the ball and the assigned stance length, then drop the putter so the long shaft is perpendicular to the ground. Using the wrists, rotate the hands until the hands are in line with each other, then top the putter down, striking the ball slightly behind center.

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