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Idling is a term used to describe a state of inactivity or a situation where someone or something is not working or producing anything useful. There are many different synonyms for idling, all of which describe a similar concept. Some synonyms for idling include; loafing, lazing, lounging, loitering, dawdling, stalling, lingering, procrastinating, delaying, or wasting time. Each one of these synonyms conveys the meaning of inactivity and a lack of progress. Whether we are talking about people who are idling away the hours or machines that are sitting unused, these synonyms help to describe the situation with precision and clarity.

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How to use "Idling" in context?

Idling is defined as the practice of operating a motor vehicle with the engine not producing power. The purpose of idling is to save fuel, but it can also reduce air quality by releasing pollutants. There are several factors to consider when deciding if idling is safe: the type of engine, the vehicle's condition, how long the engine has been idled, and the pollutants released.

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