What is another word for poky?

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When it comes to searching for synonyms for the word "poky," various options are available. A few common synonyms for poky are slow, sluggish, delayed, tardy, and unhurried. The word "leisurely" also may be used as a synonym when something is done in a relaxed, unhurried, unhasty way. Other synonyms for poky could be tedious, time-consuming, protracted, and prolonged. The word "lackadaisical" is another synonym for when something is done without enthusiasm or effort. Choosing the right synonym will depend on the context of the sentence and what word will convey the proper tone or meaning.

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    Poky is a programming language that has been designed specifically to be embedded in web applications. Its simple, expressive syntax makes it easy to code, and its dynamism and flexibility make it perfect for developing interactive web applications.

    A Poky application is constituted of a set of handlers and a web application interface. Handlers are the ones that are responsible for handling the user's interactions with the application. The web application interface defines the structure and content of the application's pages and widgets.

    A Poky application is written in a syntax reminiscent of the Java programming language.

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