What is another word for pick on?

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[ pˈɪk ˈɒn], [ pˈɪk ˈɒn], [ p_ˈɪ_k ˈɒ_n]

Synonyms for Pick on:

How to use "Pick on" in context?

Pick on stands for "picking on somebody." This term usually means repeatedly harassing someone, usually someone weaker than the perpetrator. This can vary from verbal taunting to physical violence.

Pick on can be traced back to Native American folklore. In some stories, the spirit of a killer wolf would follow a group of people and would pick on the weakest member of the group. This tale serves as a warning to people to be careful of the weak in society.

Today, pick on is most commonly used to describe teasing or bullying. This type of behavior can be harmful to both the victim and the perpetrator.

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