What is another word for ravage?

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Ravage refers to the destruction and devastation caused by natural disasters, war, or other calamities. Synonyms for ravage include devastate, lay waste to, ruin, demolish, obliterate, annihilate and wreck. These words all imply a sense of destruction caused by something catastrophic or violent. Other synonyms for ravage include decimate, which means to destroy a large portion of something, or blight, which refers to a disease or other affliction that causes widespread damage. Whatever the word used, the meaning remains the same: that something has been destroyed or damaged beyond repair. Whether it's used to describe a war-torn country or the aftermath of a natural disaster, ravage portrays a sense of upheaval and destruction.

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How to use "Ravage" in context?

The word "ravage" is defined as a destructive and careless act. It can refer to anything from smashing something to tearing it apart. Ravage is often used in the context of violence, destruction, and mayhem. It can also be used as an adjective to describe something that is intense and aggressive.

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