What is another word for impeachment?

Pronunciation: [ɪmpˈiːt͡ʃmənt] (IPA)

Impeachment is a term that refers to the process of charging or accusing a public official, especially the president, with unlawful conduct or behavior. Synonyms for impeachment include accusation, indictment, censure, rebuke, condemnation, and removal from office. Other words that can be used in place of impeachment are disqualification, incrimination, prosecution, faultfinding, and denunciation. These words are commonly used in the political arena to describe the process of holding elected officials accountable for their actions. Whether it is through impeachment or some other form of legal action, the aim is to ensure that justice is served and that the public trust in their government is maintained.

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  • hyponyms for impeachment (as nouns)

    • communication
      legal document, official document, instrument, legal instrument.

What are the opposite words for impeachment?

Impeachment is a term used to describe the process of charging a government official with wrongdoing or misconduct. In the context of politics, it typically refers to the removal of a sitting president or other elected official from office. However, there are antonyms for this controversial word. Some of the antonyms include vindication, exoneration, acquittal, absolution, and discharge. These words all imply that the accused is innocent of any wrongdoing and that there is no evidence to support the charges against them. While impeachment is a serious and often polarizing term in politics, these antonyms remind us that there is always the possibility of a positive outcome for the accused.

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Usage examples for Impeachment

The speeches of Pitt and Burke and Fox and Sheridan in the House of Commons and at the impeachment of Warren Hastings must be regarded from the literary as well as the political point of view, though in most cases the decay of the temporary interests involved has been fatal to their permanence.
"English Literature and Society in the Eighteenth Century"
Leslie Stephen
People said that he must be immensely rich, and he never denied the impeachment, but went on in a quiet, bland way, accepting their hints, polite to all, whether trading or non-trading, while his table was magnificently kept up, and to it the occupants of the station were always made welcome.
"One Maid's Mischief"
George Manville Fenn
One would be glad to accept this as proof of Defoe's attachment to the cause of his disgraced benefactor; yet Harley, as he lay in the Tower awaiting his trial on an impeachment of high treason, issued a disclaimer concerning the Secret History and another pamphlet, entitled An Account of the Conduct of Robert, Earl of Oxford.
"Daniel Defoe"
William Minto

Famous quotes with Impeachment

  • A national legal organization is giving very serious thought to using The Betrayal of America as a legal basis for asking the House Judiciary Committee to institute impeachment proceedings against these five justices.
    Vincent Bugliosi
  • That's the really neat thing about Dan Quayle, as you must have realized from the first moment you looked into those lovely blue eyes: impeachment insurance.
    Barbara Ehrenreich
  • It became evident to me that there was a very serious political element at work. I know that the term impeachment was bandied about. I do not believe, however, that the word was used with the ferocity it was more recently or that it was in the Nixon years.
    Fred F. Fielding
  • The only conduct that merits the drastic remedy of impeachment is that which subverts our system of government or renders the president unfit or unable to govern.
    Charles Ruff
  • The genius of impeachment lay in the fact that it could punish the man without punishing the office.
    Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.

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