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[ˈat], [ˈat], [ˈa_t]

Synonyms for At:

at (noun)

astatine, atomic number 85.

Other synonyms and related words:

Amid, Among, Be, Beside, CT, For, From, Pm, Toward, aboard, about, according as, according to, adjacent, adjoining, adrift, adt, aft, after, afternoon party, against, agent, ahead, ahst, aimless, alight, alignment, all, all over, along, alongside, also, am, ambivalent, amusement, an, anticipate, appearing in, approaching, approximate, approximately, around, aspect, ast, at disadvantage, at ease, at fault, at home, at husbandry, at liberty, at once, at peace, at play, at school, at the, at the rate of, at work, ball, barring, basis, because of, besides, between, betwixt and between, border, bridge party, brink, by, class, close, closely, component, condescend, conditional, confidentially, contemplate, conterminous, contiguous, conversazione, degree, delegate, densely, deputy, derive, descend, dictate, direct, direction, directional, directly, dish of tea, dismount, drifting, drop, during, dwell, edge, edging, edt, element, emptiness, emulate, end, endure, enforce, entertainment, ephemeral, et, evening party, exactly, exist, expect, exposure, extent, familiarly, fast, feign, festival, firmly, fixer, fleeting, follow, for sake of, found in, fringe, garden party, grading, halfway, have in contemplation, have in prospect, hen party, home, hope for, hour, housewarming, hypo, hypochondria, imitate, immediate, impersonate, impose, in, in order to, in short supply, in the vicinity of, indecisive, ingredient, injection, inside, inside of, interim, intimately, into, it, just, keep in view, kettle, kettle drum, levee, lie, located, look for, look forward to, look out for, makeshift, melancholic, midway, mimic, momentary, morning party, moving, narrowly, near, near to, nearby, nearly, neighboring, next to, not wonder, not wonder if, of, on, on account of, on top, on top of, order, orientation, out of, owing to, party, peer, pending, placed at, precisely, premium, prep, prescribe, probationary, proceeding, promise oneself, provisional, proximate, purposeless, rare, reception, rejoin, respond, ridotto, roughly, rout, scant, scanty, scarce, securely, settle, simply, sincerely, situated at, slow, smoker, soiree, solidly, sparse, stag party, strictly, subside, surprise party, surrogate, synchronize, tamasha, tea-fight, tea-party, temporary, tentative, thickly, through, tightly, times, title, towards, transient, transitory, tristful, uncommitted, undecided, unemployed, unoccupied, unsettled, unto, up, up to, upon, vacancy, vacillating, vacuum, verge, versus, when, with, with regard to, within, year.

Rhymes for At:

  1. hat, matte, matt, mat, sat, gatt, flat, brat, rat, dat, chat, platte, pat, lat, bat, tat, cat, gnat, scat, vat, spat, slat, gat, that, fat;
  2. combat, sadat, nonfat, at-bat;
  3. rat-a-tat, gujarat;

Quotes for At:

  1. I get to the theatre in plenty of time; I prepare my shoes in advance; I eat and drink the right things at the right time. The rest you have to leave to luck! Deborah Bull.
  2. Ending up -front fees should make it far easier for all students to go to university as they will no longer have to pay up to /1, 125 out of their loans at the start of each year. Student loans will also rise to meet average living costs. Anne Campbell.
  3. At 49, I can say something I never would have said when I was a player, that I'm a better person because of my failures and disgraces. Bill Walton.

Idioms of At:

  1. sell at sth;
  2. with your tongue in your cheek, at tongue in cheek;
  3. frighten/ scare the wits out of sb, at frighten/ scare sb out of their wits;