What is another word for character reference?

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[ kˈaɹɪktə ɹˈɛfɹəns], [ kˈaɹɪktə ɹˈɛfɹəns], [ k_ˈa_ɹ_ɪ_k_t_ə ɹ_ˈɛ_f_ɹ_ə_n_s]

Synonyms for Character reference:

How to use "Character reference" in context?

When looking for someone to provide a character reference, you want someone who is knowledgeable and credible. The following tips can help you choose the right person:

1. Ask the person if they have ever provided a character reference. Many people have had the opportunity to do so and will be more than happy to do so again.

2. Look for someone who is respected in their community. Credibility comes from having others vouch for you.

3. Ask the person if they have any criminal history or legal issues. This doesn't mean that the person is a bad person, only that you should be aware of any potential issues.

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