What is another word for chef-d'oeuvre?

Pronunciation: [ʃˈɛfdˈɜːvɹə] (IPA)

Chef-d'oeuvre is a French term that refers to a masterpiece, a work of art or literature that is recognized for its exceptional quality. There are many synonyms for the word chef-d'oeuvre in English that can be used to describe a work of art, literature, or even a person's accomplishment. These include magnum opus, tour de force, crowning achievement, masterpiece, and tour de grâce. Each of these synonyms carries its own nuance or connotation, but they all point to something that is the best of its kind, exceptional, and deserving of recognition.

Synonyms for Chef-d'oeuvre:

What are the hypernyms for Chef-d'oeuvre?

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What are the hyponyms for Chef-d'oeuvre?

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What are the opposite words for chef-d'oeuvre?

Chef-d'oeuvre is a French term that means a masterpiece, a work of exceptional quality or beauty. Some common antonyms for chef-d'oeuvre include eyesore, disaster, failure, flop, mess, and blunder. An eyesore is an unpleasant or ugly sight, while a disaster refers to a disastrous or catastrophic event. Failure implies a lack of success or achievement, and a flop is a complete failure or disappointment. A mess may refer to a disordered, dirty or untidy state, while a blunder is an embarrassing or foolish mistake. These antonyms are used to describe works of art or any creative endeavor that falls short of the standard set by a masterpiece.

What are the antonyms for Chef-d'oeuvre?

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