What is another word for OP?

Pronunciation: [ˈɒp] (IPA)

"OP" is an acronym that stands for "original poster" on internet forums and social media platforms. However, there are several synonyms for the word "OP" that can add some variety to your online conversations. Some of the popular options include "thread starter," "author," "initiator," or "creator." These synonyms not only convey the same meaning as "OP," but they also make your communication more concise and clear. Using synonyms like these can also help to avoid redundancy in your messages, making them more effective and efficient. So next time you're posting on a forum or social media, try incorporating some of these synonyms into your vocabulary for a more varied and engaging communication.

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What are the opposite words for OP?

The term "OP" is often used on online forums and social media platforms to refer to the original poster. An antonym is a word that has the opposite meaning of another word. The antonyms for the word "OP" could be anything that refers to someone who is not the original poster. Some examples of potential antonyms could be "commenter", "follower", "reader", or "viewer". These terms would all reference individuals who are interacting with the original post or content, but are not the ones who created it. It is important to understand the meaning of words and their antonyms in order to communicate effectively and avoid confusion.

What are the antonyms for Op?

  • Other relevant words:

    Other relevant words (noun):
    • deop
    • ,
    • ed
    • .

Usage examples for Op

"Me a co-OP," agreed Roger cheerfully, while the Ethels sat silently on the steps and thought about it.
"Ethel Morton at Chautauqua"
Mabell S. C. Smith
Quoted by McTaggart: OP.
"The Approach to Philosophy"
Ralph Barton Perry
But sad to say, the co-OP is on the side of the city; it is the city itself.
Nakashima, Tadashi

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