What is another word for broaden?

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[ bɹˈɔːdən], [ bɹˈɔːdən], [ b_ɹ_ˈɔː_d_ə_n]

When we talk about "broaden", we usually refer to expanding, extending, or widening something. However, it's always useful to have a few different synonyms at hand to diversify your vocabulary and express yourself more accurately. For instance, "enlarge" encompasses that same idea of expansion, while "diversify" conveys a sense of variation and multiplicity. "Extend" and "prolong" are also valid synonyms for a process of lengthening or stretching something out. "Amplify" and "augment" are more suitable when we want to emphasize the idea of increasing something in intensity or volume. Finally, "expand" and "spread" are both broad and versatile words to use in a variety of contexts when we need to convey the notion of growth or enlargement.

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    When we talk about the word "broaden", it means to expand or enlarge something. However, there are certain antonyms that can be used to indicate the opposite of broadening. Here are a few examples: 1. Narrow: If we use "narrow" as an antonym of broaden, it would mean to restrict or to make something more limited. 2. Reduce: This would signify the act of making something smaller or less significant, as opposed to broadening it. 3. Shrink: Another antonym related to the size of something, shrinking means to decrease the size and volume of something. 4. Constrict: This would imply the act of compressing or tightening something, making it narrower.

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    Usage examples for Broaden

    I asked inquiringly, in my effort to broaden his views.
    "The Other Fellow"
    F. Hopkinson Smith
    You want to broaden out.
    "Rose of Dutcher's Coolly"
    Hamlin Garland
    As the train took him back through flat beargrass and swelling bluegrass, through the beginnings of the hills, where he saw the first log booms in the rivers-his heart seemed to expand and his lungs to broaden out and drink deep where they had been only sipping before.
    "The Tempering"
    Charles Neville Buck

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