What is another word for domineer?

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Domineer is a word that means to tyrannize or bully someone, often using one's power or position to intimidate others. There are several synonyms that can express the same idea, including oppress, control, bully, boss around, tyrannize, lord over, and intimidate. Each of these words implies the exercise of power over others, either physically or emotionally, to force compliance. Depending on the context, synonyms like these can be used to indicate the negative aspects of an interaction or relationship, where one person dominates the other. Overall, using synonyms for domineer can help to convey a more nuanced description of the power dynamics at play.

Related words: domineering, domineer, to dominate, to rule, to tyrannize, to rule over, to tyrannize over

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    The term "domineer" is defined as "to exert control or influence over somebody in an arrogant or disrespectful manner." Antonyms for domineer include words such as yield, meekness, and submission, which all signify some form of deference or humility. Yield involves surrendering to someone else's authority, while meekness implies gentleness and submissiveness. Humility suggests having a modest and unassuming attitude that prioritizes others' needs and putting oneself in a position of service rather than asserting one's will. Other antonyms for domineer include deference, compliance, and acquiescence, all of which convey the idea of yielding or agreeing to another person's wishes without resistance.

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    He bestrode a black charger of remarkable size and beauty; and seemed, by his stature and presence, to domineer over his companion, a small man with a hooked nose and an extremely emaciated face, who wore a plain habit of dark purple and rode a sorrel blood-mare of no especial points.
    "The Blue Pavilions"
    Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
    The captain might determine such trivial matters as hiring or discharging men, buying fuel, or contracting for freight; the clerk might lord it over the passengers, and the mate domineer over the black roustabouts; but the pilot moved along in a sort of isolated grandeur, the true monarch of all he surveyed.
    "American Merchant Ships and Sailors"
    Willis J. Abbot
    But now he's gone from home, You heed not me: though you have noised abroad That I am bold in crime, and domineer Outrageously, oppressing thee and thine.
    "The Seven Plays in English Verse"

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