What is another word for quarterback?

Pronunciation: [kwˈɔːtəbˌak] (IPA)

A quarterback is arguably the most important player on a football team, responsible for directing the offense and making critical decisions on the field. However, there are several synonyms for the word quarterback that can be used interchangeably, depending on the context. For instance, the word signal-caller refers to the quarterback's role in calling out plays to the rest of the team. The term gunslinger is used to describe a quarterback who takes risks and constantly looks to make big plays. Meanwhile, the term field general conveys the idea of a quarterback who is calm under pressure and able to lead his team to victory. Ultimately, each of these synonyms highlights different facets of a quarterback's skill set and personality.

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Quarterback is a term used in American football to describe the player who leads offensive plays and throws the ball to receivers. Antonyms for quarterback include "defender," "opponent," "blocker," "tackler," and "receiver." Defenders aim to stop the quarterback's plays, while opponents are the other team's quarterback. Blockers protect the quarterback from defenders, and tacklers try to catch the quarterback before he can throw. Receivers catch the ball from the quarterback. Quarterback is a specific position requiring skills and tactics, and the antonyms represent the different roles in the game's strategies. They work together on the field, providing necessary opposition to make the game challenging and exciting.

Usage examples for Quarterback

Far from that, the old quarterback was gradually preparing himself to go to James Bansemer.
"Jane Cable"
George Barr McCutcheon
But Tony had not played quarterback four years for nothing; he tackled low, and the next moment the lieutenant was rolling down the bank of a dried stream that stretched at their feet.
Jean Webster
I played quarterback on the football team, and made some money coaching.
"The After House"
Mary Roberts Rinehart

Famous quotes with Quarterback

  • What's the worst thing that can happen to a quarterback? He loses his confidence.
    Terry Bradshaw
  • One of the reasons I loved playing quarterback was that I got to call the plays. The cancer put me in a position where I really wasn't in control anymore.
    Len Dawson
  • People ask me who he reminds me of. The way he's playing, I'd say he doesn't remind me of anybody. I've never seen anybody - running back, quarterback, wide receiver - make the plays that Vince Young made today.
    Dan Fouts
  • The heartbeat of a football team is the quarterback position and I think everyone who has any intelligence about the game understands you must have consistency at that position to be a championship team.
    Ron Jaworski
  • If you ask any great player or great quarterback, there's a certain inner confidence that you're as good as anybody. But you can't say who is the absolute best. To be considered is special in itself.
    Dan Marino

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