What is another word for bulldoze?

Pronunciation: [bˈʊldə͡ʊz] (IPA)

Bulldoze is a verb that typically means to demolish, flatten, or push down forcefully. However, there are many synonyms that can be used to convey similar meanings. These include words such as plow, level, destroy, raze, clear, and flatten. Other synonyms for bulldoze might include words such as crush, wreck, topple, erase, and obliterate. Each of these words conveys a different degree of force or intent, but they all share the same general sense of pushing down or destroying something in a powerful way. Whether you are writing a report, essay, or creative work, these different synonyms for bulldoze can help you to create a more nuanced and vivid description.

Synonyms for Bulldoze:

What are the hypernyms for Bulldoze?

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What are the opposite words for bulldoze?

Bulldoze, a verb commonly used to describe forcefully pushing through or destroying, has several antonyms that convey gentleness and caution. One such word is "preserve," which means to maintain or protect something from harm. Another antonym is "build," which emphasizes the construction of something new rather than knocking down what already exists. Alternatively, the word "negotiate" implies a willingness to cooperate and find a middle ground rather than imposing one's will. Lastly, "conserve" suggests a careful approach to preserving resources and avoiding unnecessary waste or destruction. Each of these antonyms offers a different approach to handling difficult situations, emphasizing the importance of sensitivity and thoughtfulness over brute force.

What are the antonyms for Bulldoze?

Usage examples for Bulldoze

Party passion was at its height, hired gangs of men were posted about the court-house to hoot and attack the Dreyfusites, members of the General Staff appeared in full uniform to interrupt the trial and bulldoze the jury by mysterious hints of war with Germany.
"A History of the Third French Republic"
C. H. C. Wright
"You can't bulldoze me with that," I thought, and rolled my own in defiance and stared back at him.
"Botchan (Master Darling)"
Mr. Kin-nosuke Natsume, trans. by Yasotaro Morri
You can't bulldoze me.
"Flowing Gold"
Rex Beach

Famous quotes with Bulldoze

  • Governments should not be able to bulldoze a person's home or business to benefit other individuals.
    Henry Bonilla
  • Likewise, with solar, especially here in California, we're discovering that the 80 solar farm schemes that are going forward want to basically bulldoze 1,000 sq. mi. of southern California desert. Well, as an environmentalist, we would rather that didn't happen.
    Stewart Brand
  • Cities may now bulldoze private citizens' homes, farms and small businesses to make way for shopping malls or other developments.
    Bob Goodlatte
  • Patience is the antidote to the restless poison of the Ego. Without it we all become ego-maniacal bulls in china shops, destroying our future happiness as we blindly rush in where angels fear to tread. In these out-of-control moments, we bulldoze through the best possible outcomes for our lives, only to return to the scene of the crime later to cry over spilt milk.
    Anthon St Maarten
  • Here is my proposal. Israel should announce an immediate unilateral cessation in retaliation against terrorist attacks. This moratorium would be in effect for a short period, say four or five days, to give the Palestinian leadership an opportunity to respond to the new policy. It would also make it clear to the world that Israel is taking an important step in ending what has become a cycle of violence. Following the end of the moratorium, Israel would institute the following new policy if Palestinian terrorism were to resume. It will announce precisely what it will do in response to the next act of terrorism. For example, it could announce the first act of terrorism following the moratorium will result in the destruction of a small village which has been used as a base for terrorist operations. The residents would be given 24 hours to leave, and then troops will come in and bulldoze all of the buildings.
    Alan Dershowitz

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