What is another word for confound?

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[ kənfˈa͡ʊnd], [ kənfˈa‍ʊnd], [ k_ə_n_f_ˈaʊ_n_d]

Confuse, bewilder, baffle, mystify, puzzle, perplex, flummox, thwart, dismay, disorient, complicate, confute, puzzle, stump, nonplus, obfuscate, befuddle, frustrate, astonish, dumbfound, stagger, startle, astound, amaze, dumbstruck, stupefy, bewilder, throw, surprise, mix up. These are some of the synonyms for the word "confound". They are all powerful words that could be used to describe the state of mind that one could be in when they are unable to understand or comprehend something. Using any of these words in place of "confound" could bring depth and value to any sentence.

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    Synonyms for Confound:

    How to use "Confound" in context?

    Confound is defined as to cause bewilderment or confusion; to puzzle or bewilder. It can be used as both a verb and a noun. The verb connotes to cause frustration or disappointment. The noun connotes something that confounds expectations, such as a surprise or a problem.

    The use of conundrum as a verb has its roots in the Latin word con- and the Greek word nous. Nous, from which we get the word " intellect " or "reason," meant "mind." The first use of conundrum as a verb in English was in a trial document in 1285.

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