What is another word for Equidistance?

Pronunciation: [ˌiːkwɪdˈɪstəns] (IPA)

Equidistance refers to the equal distance between two or more points or objects. It implies a balanced or fair distance. Some synonyms for equidistance include impartiality, neutrality, equality, fairness, and even-handedness. Other words that can be used to describe this concept include uniformity, symmetry, and parity. All these terms reflect the idea of balance and equality in terms of distance. Whether it's in a geographical context or a mathematical one, equidistance is a critical concept that ensures that all points or objects receive equal treatment and consideration. As such, the correct usage of synonyms for equidistance is crucial to ensure accurate communication and understanding.

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What are the hypernyms for Equidistance?

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What are the opposite words for Equidistance?

The term 'equidistance' refers to a state of being at equal distance from two points, objects or people. The antonyms for the word 'equidistance' are asymmetry, asymmetricality, imbalance, inequality, dissymmetry, disproportion, and nonsymmetry. These terms signify states of inequality, non-uniformity, and non-equivalence. For example, when two points or objects are located at varying distances from a central point, the asymmetry is said to exist. Similarly, when two people hold completely different views or beliefs, they are said to be in a state of inequality. In conclusion, the antonyms for the word 'equidistance' represent conditions of imbalance, differences, and inequality and are essential for clear communication and clarity in language.

What are the antonyms for Equidistance?

Usage examples for Equidistance

An exact Equidistance for the three hands is not possible.
"Amusements in Mathematics"
Henry Ernest Dudeney

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