What is another word for execrate?

Pronunciation: [ɛɡzˈɛkɹe͡ɪt] (IPA)

Execrate is a strong word that means to denounce, curse, or vehemently express dislike or hatred for something or someone. In expressing oneself, it is sometimes helpful to have different synonyms for the same word. Other synonyms for execrate may include abhor, detest, loathe, despise, condemn or revile. Each of these words conveys a strong sense of dislike or opposition towards someone or something. However, they may vary in intensity or tone, depending on the context in which they are used. Having a range of synonyms can help to more precisely convey one's feelings towards a particular person or thing in a given situation.

Synonyms for Execrate:

What are the hypernyms for Execrate?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for execrate?

Execrate is a verb meaning to despise, hate, or express extreme dislike towards someone or something. Some antonyms for execrate include admire, cherish, love, appreciate, and praise. When you admire someone, you hold them in high regard and respect their qualities. To cherish someone or something means to hold them dear and value them greatly. Love is when you have a strong affection and attachment towards someone or something. When you appreciate something, you recognize its worth and value. Praise is to express admiration, approval, or commendation towards someone or something. These antonyms for execrate represent positive emotions and actions towards people and things, rather than negative ones.

What are the antonyms for Execrate?

Usage examples for Execrate

It is that sort of a marriage that I execrate.
"A Fool and His Money"
George Barr McCutcheon
A century hence these shattered churches will be pointed out to visitors as the work of the modern Vandals, and lovers of art and beauty throughout the world will execrate the nation which permitted the sacrilege.
"Italy at War and the Allies in the West"
E. Alexander Powell
I disliked it cordially at first sight; I was thoroughly bored before I had got through my stay of seventy hours; I utterly abominate and execrate the city From turret to foundation-stone, at this moment, as I catch a narrow glimpse of its outskirts through the rusty window-bars of the Old Capitol.
"Border and Bastille"
George A. Lawrence

Famous quotes with Execrate

  • We pay for the navy, and we have no commerce for the navy to protect; we pay for the army, and we loathe and execrate the work upon which it has been engaged.
    John Edward Redmond
  • Come! Come! Brothers of my race, whether at the north or south, these things which we all execrate and abhor were the work of men of our own color. Let us clasp hands in speechless shame, and confess that manhood in America is to be measured not by the color of the skin, but by the quality of the soul
    George William Curtis

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