What is another word for Extolled?

Pronunciation: [ɛkstˈə͡ʊld] (IPA)

Extolled is a verb that means to praise somebody or something highly. When it comes to synonyms for extolled, there are plenty of options to choose from. Some of the most common words that convey a similar meaning include lauded, admired, commended, celebrated, glorified, hailed, applauded, honored, revered, and venerated. Other synonyms that are less commonly used but still convey a similar idea include exalted, lionized, magnified, saluted, adulated, and eulogized. Whatever word you choose to use, the important thing is to convey a sense of appreciation and admiration for the person or thing you are extolling.

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What are the opposite words for Extolled?

The word "extolled" implies the act of praising or commending someone or something. When considering antonyms for this word, we can think of words that suggest criticism or condemnation. Some antonyms for "extolled" might include vilified, condemned, denigrated, disparaged, put down, criticized, rebuked, or censured. These words suggest a negative evaluation of a person or thing, rather than praise or admiration. While extolling is generally seen as a positive action, these antonyms can be used to express disapproval or dissatisfaction with a particular subject. By exploring antonyms for common words like "extolled," we can enrich our vocabulary and better understand the nuances of language.

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Usage examples for Extolled

He did not try to flatter the Queen as many others did by slighting her predecessors; on the contrary, he wrote a poem called The Mock Mourners, in which he Extolled "the glorious memory"-a phrase which he did much to bring into use-and charged those who spoke disrespectfully of William with the vilest insolence and ingratitude.
"Daniel Defoe"
William Minto
It was last session he had made a flash speech,-an effort that his own party Extolled to the skies, and even the Opposition could only criticise the hardihood and presumption of so very young a member of the House,-and now already people had ceased to bear him in mind.
"The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)"
Charles James Lever
Judge Barton was also frequently Extolled as the pattern of American democracy, as, indeed, he was.
"The Locusts' Years"
Mary Helen Fee

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