What is another word for Fussing?

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Fussing is a term used to describe an individual who is behaving in an anxious or agitated way. It can also refer to someone who is overly concerned with details or making a big deal out of something minor. Synonyms for fussing include fretting, worrying, stressing, obsessing, nitpicking, dwelling, and fixating. Other terms related to fussing include fidgeting, panicking, fluttering, and flustering, all of which convey a sense of restlessness and unease. While fussing can be a natural response to certain situations, excessive fussing can become a hindrance and lead to unnecessary stress and anxiety.

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How to use "Fussing" in context?

There's no doubt that fussy eaters can be a bit of a pain. But why do they get so worked up over simple things, like food? And is there anything that can be done to help them feel better?

Some people are just naturally fussy eaters. For others, the problem might stem from a personality disorder, such as anxiety or OCD. In any case, fussy eaters usually have strong reactions to certain foods or flavours.

Some people simply don't like to try new things.

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