What is another word for lapsed?

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Lapsed is a term used to describe something that has passed its expiration date or has ceased to be relevant. This word can be replaced with other suitable words such as expired, terminated, elapsed, lapsed, finished, outdated, obsolete, and lapsed. Expired refers to something that has come to an end or has run its course. Terminated suggests something that has been brought to an end through an official action. Elapsed is used when referring to time that has passed. Lapsed refers to something that has failed to continue or has lost validity. Finished implies that something has been completed, while Outdated suggests that something is no longer useful because of new advancements. Meanwhile, obsolete is used to describe something that has become outdated due to being replaced by a newer version.

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    How to use "Lapsed" in context?

    Lapsed is a term used to describe someone who has stopped going to church or temple.

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