What is another word for garter?

Pronunciation: [ɡˈɑːtə] (IPA)

The word "garter" refers to a band or strap worn around the leg, often used to hold up stockings or socks. Some synonyms for this word could include a leg band, a thigh strap, or a stocking holder. Other terms that might be used depending on the context could be a suspenders or a garter belt, which refer specifically to undergarments used to hold up stockings. In some cultures, a garter might be worn as a decorative item during weddings or formal events. Regardless of the specific term used, the purpose of a garter is to keep clothing in place and prevent it from slipping down.

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What are the opposite words for garter?

The word "garter" refers to a stretchy band worn around the leg to hold up stockings or socks. An antonym for the word "garter" is "stocking," which refers to a garment worn on the feet and legs that covers the foot and extends up to the thigh. Another antonym for "garter" is "belt," which is a flexible band worn around the waist to hold pants or a skirt in place. A final antonym for "garter" is "suspender," which is a garment worn over the shoulders to hold up pants or a skirt. All of these words are related to clothing, but they serve different purposes than a garter.

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Usage examples for Garter

In 1602 came Sir William Segar's Honour, Military and Civil, with eight plates showing various distinguished persons, English and foreign, wearing the robes and insignia of the garter, the Golden Fleece, S. Michael, etc.
"Fine Books"
Alfred W. Pollard
In his hand is the wand of office as Chamberlain, and he is decorated with the collar and badge of the garter.
Beatrice Fortescue
Mother used to say, 'Betty, if you want to dream of your true love, you will take a piece of wedding-cake that belongs to a fresh-made bride, and you will put it into your right-foot stocking, and tie it with your left-foot garter, and put it under your pillow.
"Girls of the Forest"
L. T. Meade

Famous quotes with Garter

  • Titles are but nick-names, and every nickname is a title. The thing is perfectly harmless in itself, but it marks a sort of foppery in the human character, which degrades it. It reduces man into the diminutive of man in things which are great, and the counterfeit of women in things which are little. It talks about its fine blue ribbon like a girl, and shows its new garter like a child. A certain writer, of some antiquity, says: "When I was a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things."
    Thomas Paine

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