What is another word for cinch?

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Cinch, a word commonly used to describe something that is easy or guaranteed to happen, has several synonyms. "Breeze" is one of the common synonyms that can be used as an alternative to "cinch." Another synonym for this term is "snap," which also implies that something is extremely easy to achieve. "Piece of cake" and "walk in the park" are also commonly used synonyms to describe something that is effortless. In addition, the phrase "child's play" is another way to describe something that is easy, and "no brainer" is another alternative to the term cinch. Overall, there are numerous synonyms for "cinch," each with slightly different connotations, but all mean that something is incredibly easy to achieve.

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    The word "cinch" has been historically used to describe something or someone that makes things easier or more convenient. The verb meaning to tighten or secure something with a thin cord or chain is derived from the word.

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