What is another word for Cestus?

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Cestus is a versatile word that has several synonyms depending on the context of use. In Greek mythology, the term is commonly used to refer to a magical girdle worn by the goddess Aphrodite, but it can also be used to describe a variety of items such as boxing gloves, gauntlets, and wristbands. In such contexts, synonyms include hand mitts, gauntlets, gloves, and arm guards. In fashion, cestus can be used as a synonym for a belt, waistband, or sash. Overall, cestus is a word that encompasses a wide range of meanings, and its synonyms reflect this diversity.

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    The Cestus was an ancient weapon prominently used by the Romans. This type of glove is typically made out of, or covered in, leather, and is a type of hand grip. It is similar to, but less developed than, the mace. The cestus was a hand-held striking weapon that was used primarily as a defensive tool. It had a spherical head made of bronze or iron, and was surrounded by several metal coils. These coils could be tightened to produce a devastating impact.

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