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The word "ensure" is a crucial part of English vocabulary that implies making sure something happens or exists. Synonyms for the word "ensure" include guarantee, assure, secure, establish, and confirm. Saying something "guarantees" a result is stronger than saying it "ensures" it. "Assure" is a more personal term when conveying that you want to make sure someone is happy or comfortable with something. "Secure" has a sense of protection or safety associated with it. "Establish" implies creating something from the ground up and making sure it is solid and stable. "Confirm" means to affirm something is true or guaranteed. These synonyms for "ensure" can be used interchangeably depending on the context and message being conveyed.

Synonyms for Ensure:

How to use "Ensure" in context?

"To ensure" is a very strong verb. It means to make sure that something happens, usually by doing something. Here are some examples:

The teacher ensured that all the students completed their work.

The policeman ensured that the streets were safe.

The boss ensured that the employees were on time for their shift.

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