What is another word for hardline?

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The word "hardline" can be used to describe someone who is uncompromising, firm, or strict in their beliefs, principles, or actions. There are many synonyms for this term such as rigid, inflexible, unbending, uncompromising, staunch, and determined. These words indicate a person who is unwilling to compromise on their ideas, opinions, and actions, even in the face of opposition or criticism. Other synonyms include resolute, unyielding, unwavering, and steadfast. These words represent a strong and determined individual who is committed to their beliefs and principles, and who is willing to fight for what they believe in, no matter what the cost. The use of these words can add depth and nuance to a description of a person or situation characterized by unyielding behavior.

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    The term "hardline" refers to someone or something that is uncompromising and inflexible. Some common antonyms for hardline are moderate, flexible, accommodating, soft, lenient, and compromising. When describing a person's behavior, the antonyms could be easy-going or open-minded. A moderate viewpoint is more flexible and willing to listen to others. For instance, a hardline stance on immigration would call any illegal entrant a criminal, while a moderate approach might distinguish between different kinds of unauthorized immigrants. A lenient approach takes a softer stance on discipline or punishment, while a hardline approach would take a strict and harsh attitude. It is important to consider the context in which hardline is being used to understand its antonyms.

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    • Then in 1969, I spent the spring term at Cornell University in New York. The invasion of August 1968 had already happened, but the hardline regime took several months to crack down on dissidents.
      Vaclav Klaus

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