What is another word for mulish?

Pronunciation: [mjˈʊlɪʃ] (IPA)

Mulish, meaning stubborn and inflexible, is a word that often carries a negative connotation. However, there are many other words that can be used to describe similar behavior without the negative undertones. Some synonyms for mulish are determined, resolute, steadfast, unyielding, obstinate, and tenacious. These words imply a certain level of determination and focus, without the negative aspect of stubbornness. Other words that can be used to describe this behavior include firm, persistent, committed, and dedicated. By using these alternative words, we can describe someone's behavior without resorting to negative language that may create hostility or resentment.

Synonyms for Mulish:

What are the hypernyms for Mulish?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for mulish?

Mulish means stubborn or unyielding, so antonyms for this word may include words that have the opposite meaning. Examples of antonyms for mulish could include words like open-minded, cooperative, flexible, adaptable, compromising, and amenable. Antonyms for mulish may suggest a willingness to listen to others and consider alternative viewpoints, as well as a willingness to adjust and change when necessary. While being mulish can sometimes be beneficial in certain situations, knowing antonyms for the word mulish can help individuals communicate and work together more effectively in a wide range of settings.

Usage examples for Mulish

You think I'm mulish.
"The Rough Road"
William John Locke
Mr. Spokesly assumed a mulish expression and said, No, he hadn't.
William McFee
Mr. Spokesly, looking still more mulish, said he'd attend to it.
William McFee

Famous quotes with Mulish

  • Ultraliberalism today translates into a whimpering isolationism in foreign policy, a mulish obstructionism in domestic policy, and a pusillanimous pussyfooting on the critical issue of law and order.
    Spiro Agnew

Related words: stubborn, obstinate, resistant, unyielding, determined, willful, implacable

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