What is another word for squawk?

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"Squawk" is a verb that refers to a loud, harsh and piercing cry, sound or noise that a bird or an animal makes. Synonyms for "squawk" can include shriek, screech, yelp, caw, hoot, croak, squeal, snarl, howl, growl, and scream. These words can be used interchangeably depending on the context and to describe different types of noises made by animals or humans. For instance, a parrot can squawk while a coyote can howl. Regardless of the word used, all the synonyms for "squawk" can convey a sound that is loud, obnoxious and unpleasant to the ears.

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    What are the opposite words for squawk?

    Squawk is a word that means a loud, harsh, piercing cry or sound. An antonym, on the other hand, is a word that has the opposite meaning to another word. So, what could be the opposite of squawk? Some possible antonyms for "squawk" include whisper, murmur, mutter, or mumble, which all describe low, muffled sounds. Serene, calm, or soothing could also be considered antonyms as they suggest a peaceful and quiet environment. Additionally, pleasant, melodious, or mellifluous are antonyms that relate to harmonious sounds, contrasting with the raucous and jarring nature of squawks.

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    Usage examples for Squawk

    Then as the drums throbbed and the warriors grunted rhythmically to Bakahenzie's song of enchantment came a squawk as of a parrot.
    Charles Beadle
    She heard the subdued clink of dishes, the squawk of a surprised chicken, and the girls' murmuring voices.
    Kathleen Norris
    Hens flutter off the nest with an unusual squawk, for the boys cannot wait any longer for the slow process of laying, and hens have no business to stand in the way of Easter.
    "Around The Tea-Table"
    T. De Witt Talmage

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