What is another word for landslide?

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A landslide is a natural disaster in which large amounts of rocks, earth, and debris slide down a slope. Synonyms for landslide include mudslide, rockslide, avalanche, and slope failure. A mudslide occurs when rain or flooding loosens the soil on a slope, causing it to slide down. A rockslide is similar, but involves the movement of rocks instead of soil. An avalanche is a snowslide that can occur on a mountain slope or in a valley. Slope failure is a more general term that refers to any type of slope movement or instability. No matter which term is used, landslides can cause significant damage and pose serious threats to human safety.

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    Landslide refers to a sudden and powerful movement of earth, rock, and debris down a slope. Antonyms for landslide include stability, security, and steadiness. These words refer to something that remains constant, unmovable, and secure. Stability, for example, signifies the ability for something to resist changes and stay firm. Security, on the other hand, refers to the feeling that something is safe and free from danger. Steadiness implies that something is firmly established and not likely to change. While landslide brings a sense of danger and instability, its antonyms convey the opposite, indicating assurance and safety.

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