What is another word for parochial?

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Parochial is a term used to describe something or someone that has a narrow or limited outlook on life. Synonyms for parochial include provincial, narrow-minded, insular, myopic, short-sighted, inward-looking, small-minded, and tunnel-visioned. These words all describe a lack of openness to new ideas, experiences, or perspectives beyond one's immediate environment. They may reflect a reluctance to engage with the wider world or a fear of change and difference. By contrast, antonyms of parochial include cosmopolitan, worldly, broad-minded, liberal, and open-minded, which all suggest an openness to diversity, culture, and new experiences.

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    How to use "Parochial" in context?

    "parochial" is an adjective that means pertaining to a particular place or community. It is often used to describe things, people, or events that are limited in scope or that are focused on the local area. This can be a positive quality - parochialism is often seen as a civic virtue, or an ability to focus on one's own community and promote its interests.

    However, parochialism can also be negative. It can be used to describe people or organizations who are closed-minded and unwilling to accept new ideas or who are focused only on their own interests.

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