What is another word for selective?

Pronunciation: [sɪlˈɛktɪv] (IPA)

The word selective means showing careful consideration when choosing or deciding something. Synonyms for selective include choosy, picky, discriminating, particular, fastidious and fussy. These words describe someone who is very specific about their choices and preferences, and may seem difficult to please. Another synonym is exclusive, which suggests that only a small group of chosen individuals or items are allowed to participate. Other terms like well-chosen, eclectic, and refined suggest taking a refined approach that values quality over quantity. Ultimately, all these words point to someone who puts thought and care into their decisions and has high standards for the things they choose.

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What are the opposite words for selective?

Selective means to choose carefully from a range of options or alternatives. Antonyms opposite in meaning to selective are random, careless, indiscriminate or haphazard. If a person was randomly choosing without any real thought or consideration, it would be the opposite of being selective. Careless, haphazard or indifferent actions would also fall into the opposite category. In the case of a job ad, it may state that the employer desires a specific age range, which wouldn't be selective but instead discriminative. Furthermore, grasping only for options that are presented at a certain time could be deemed as "narrow" or "limiting," which could be counter to the attribute of being selective.

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Usage examples for Selective

For, so long, selective breeding will not be proved to be competent to do all that is required of it to produce natural species.
"The Old Riddle and the Newest Answer"
John Gerard
He decides that the idea must be, in some fashion, self-selective, must signify its own fitness to a given subject-matter.
"John Dewey's logical theory"
Delton Thomas Howard
But it can only be self-selective by being itself in the nature of an act.
"John Dewey's logical theory"
Delton Thomas Howard

Famous quotes with Selective

  • We may affirm, then, that the main drift of the later Renaissance was away from a humanism that favored a free expansion toward a humanism that was in the highest degree disciplinary and selective.
    Irving Babbitt
  • When they come to Europe, they are confronted by still closed borders. Thus, the concept of open borders is a very selective concept, one that is not taken seriously at all in the experience of non-Europeans.
    Ulrich Beck
  • Even though these days I'm very selective about what roles I want to do, I will do Stargate anytime they call.
    Ronny Cox
  • I still get a lot of material but I find that as one gets older you get more fussy. You know you're going spend a year or a year and a half on this and you know there are only so many films in you so you get a little bit more selective.
    Norman Jewison
  • When the shot is afterwards subjected to white light, colour appears because of selective reflection.
    Gabriel Lippmann

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