What is another word for pre-requisites?

Pronunciation: [pɹˈiːɹˈɛkwɪsˌɪts] (IPA)

Pre-requisites refer to the essential qualifications or conditions necessary for something. When writing, it is important to use varied and descriptive language. Synonyms for the word pre-requisites include prerequisites, conditions, requirements, essentials, qualifications, criteria, must-haves, needfuls, necessary items, and necessary conditions. These words can be used to add more depth and meaning to your writing. It is important to avoid using repetitive language and to use synonyms to ensure your writing is interesting and engaging. By using varied language and synonyms, you can enhance your writing and grab the reader's attention.

What are the paraphrases for Pre-requisites?

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What are the hypernyms for Pre-requisites?

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What are the opposite words for pre-requisites?

Pre-requisites are the necessary conditions or requirements that must be fulfilled before proceeding with a particular task or achieving a particular goal. Antonyms for this term could include terms like 'optional,' 'non-essential,' or even 'extraneous.' These words imply that there are no specific conditions that must be met prior to the accomplishment. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the absence of pre-requisites does not necessarily imply that a task is not challenging, complex or requires a lot of effort. Hence, some other antonyms for pre-requisites could be 'simple,' 'uncomplicated' or 'straightforward.

What are the antonyms for Pre-requisites?

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