What is another word for corrosion?

Pronunciation: [kəɹˈə͡ʊʒən] (IPA)

Corrosion is a term usually associated with the gradual destruction or deterioration of metal surfaces due to natural oxidation or the presence of acidic substances. However, this phenomenon can be expressed in various ways through the use of synonyms. Rust, erosion, tarnish, decay, and wear are some of the words that can be used interchangeably with corrosion. Each of these synonyms can accurately describe the damage caused by different forms of corrosion. Whether it's the rusting of iron, the erosion of soil on metal surfaces, or the tarnishing of silver, the synonyms for corrosion capture the essence of how destructive it can be on metal materials.

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Corrosion refers to the gradual destruction or decay of material due to chemical or electrochemical reactions. Antonyms for the word corrosion would be preservation, protection, maintenance, and restoration. Preservation involves protecting items from any damage, decay or deterioration. Protection, on the other hand, refers to shielding objects from harm, damage, or danger. Maintenance relates to the regular upkeep of objects and ensuring they are in good working conditions. And restoration entails bringing back items to their original state or appearance. These antonyms all reflect the opposite of corrosion, which is mainly associated with negative effects on objects, buildings, or infrastructure.

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Usage examples for Corrosion

It is the corrosion of uncertainty; it is the anticipation of trouble; it is living in a state of painful apprehension.
"The Jericho Road"
W. Bion Adkins
"The tanks are that color because they've been treated to withstand rust and corrosion," Rick stated.
"The Electronic Mind Reader"
John Blaine
Of one thing, however, we had no doubt: the ruins of this city were of the same general character with those at Uxmal, erected by the same builders, probably of older date, and suffering more from the corrosion of the elements, or they had been visited more harshly by the destroying hand of man.
"Incidents of Travel in Yucatan, Vol. I."
John L. Stephens

Famous quotes with Corrosion

  • Time heals everything apart from corrosion.
    Aaron J. Munzer
  • The purest evil that human efforts could attain, in other words, was probably achieved by those men who made their wills the same and who made their eyes see the world in the same way, men who went against the pattern of life's diversity, men whose spirits shattered the natural wall of the individual body, making nothing of this barrier, set up to guard against mutual corrosion, men whose spirit accomplished what flesh could never accomplish.
    Yukio Mishima

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