What is another word for afoot?

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"Afoot" is a versatile word used to describe something or someone in progress or underway. It can refer to anything from plans, projects, or schemes, to events or changes that are happening. Synonyms for "afoot" include "underway," "in progress," "ongoing," "developing," "evolving," "emerging," "unfolding," "brewing," "happening," and "taking shape." These words convey a sense of movement and change, indicating that something is happening right now and will continue to change and grow in the future. Using synonyms for "afoot" adds depth and clarity to your writing and helps to convey a sense of urgency and importance.

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    Though the term "afoot" might conjure images of a young person out for a summer excursion, the word can refer to just about anything on two feet. Literally translating to "on feet," "afoot" evokes the vitality of movement and, most importantly, the company of feet.

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