What is another word for redecorate?

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There are various synonyms for the word "redecorate" that can be used depending on the situation. For instance, "revamp" is used when there is a significant change expected in the decor of a room or space. "Renovate" is another synonym that suggests a complete overhaul of the space. "Refurbish" can be used when the emphasis is on repairing and restoring existing fixtures or elements in the space. "Remodel" suggests a more structural change in which walls and other architectural features may be moved or removed. "Redesign" can be used when there is a need to change the layout or design of a space, while "refresh" suggests a less dramatic update that involves minor changes to the decor.

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    House renovation can be expensive, and it's easy to go with the first design you see or the cheapest option. But before you commit to a renovation, first ask yourself these five questions:

    What is my budget? What do I want my space to look like? What style do I want? Do I want to renovate/replace everything?

    Once you have answered these questions, take some time to ponder what will work in your space and what isn't as necessary. Once you have a basic idea of what you want, you can start researching and narrowing down your options.

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