What is another word for redo?

Pronunciation: [ɹˈiːduː] (IPA)

Redo is a verb that means to do again or to revise. There are many synonyms for this common word, each with their own unique nuance. For example, you could use the word repeat to suggest doing something again without changing it. Alternatively, you could use the word remodel to imply a more significant change, as if you were changing the structure of something. Other synonyms for redo include reform, renovate, rework, revise, and refresh. Depending on the context and the level of change you want to indicate, there's a variety of words you can use to convey this idea with precision.

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The word "redo" means to do something again or to revise a previous action. Its antonyms are words that express the opposite of redoing. One antonym for redo is "undo," which means to reverse an action or to take it back. The word "leave" can also be considered an antonym for redo as it implies not doing anything else to a task or an assignment. Another antonym for redo is "ignore," which means to not take notice of something and to proceed with something else. Lastly, the word "neglect" can also be an antonym as it suggests the act of not putting effort into finishing or doing something.

Usage examples for Redo

"He wants to redo the garden-level floor.
Thomas Hoover
"But lately I've decided I want to redo this place properly.
Thomas Hoover
Bartlett wants to redo the ground floor of his place on Gramercy Park.
Thomas Hoover

Famous quotes with Redo

  • If I just do it, it will take less time than telling someone what I'm thinking, and have them free associate, and then come back to me and I'll hate it and I'll have to redo it.
    Isaac Mizrahi

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