What is another word for preen?

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Preening is a common behaviour among birds, in which they clean and care for their feathers by smoothing or arranging them with their beaks. However, the word "preen" can also be used to describe a range of human behaviours, from grooming oneself to displaying self-satisfaction or vanity. Synonyms for preen include primp, groom, tidy, adjust, preen oneself, and fluff up. These words all describe activities that involve taking care of one's appearance or arranging oneself in a way that portrays confidence or self-assurance. While preening may be a natural behaviour for birds, humans use it in a variety of contexts to communicate different things about themselves.

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    Synonyms for Preen:

    How to use "Preen" in context?

    Preen is a behavior of showing concern for one's appearance. The word "preen" is derived from the word "preen," which means to clean oneself. To preen is to pay attention to one's appearance, usually in a vain or self-promoting way.

    Preening is a common behavior that is seen in all shapes and sizes. It can be seen in both men and women, young and old. Some people preen to make themselves feel better, while others preen to make other people feel uncomfortable. The reason why people preen is still mysterious to researchers.

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    • prien.

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