What is another word for patch up?

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When it comes to repairing something, we often use the phrase "patch up". However, there are many other synonyms that can be used to convey the same meaning. For instance, you can use "fix up" or "mend" to mean the same. Other synonyms include "repair", "restore", "revamp", "renovate", and "renew". Additionally, you can use "heal" or "reconcile" when referring to patching up relationships. It's important to use synonyms when communicating to add variety and prevent sounding repetitive. Overall, there are plenty of words that can be used instead of "patch up" to express repairing, mending, or healing something.

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    Patch up is a term used to describe the act of fixing something that is broken, torn or damaged. However, there are certain situations where patching up may not be the best course of action. In such cases, some antonyms of patch up could be "abandon," "discard," or "discontinue." These words imply the idea of giving up on a particular issue, rather than putting in the effort to repair it. Another antonym of patch up could be "ignore," suggesting that the issue is being deliberately overlooked or neglected. Overall, these antonyms highlight the importance of carefully analyzing a situation before determining the best course of action.

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    Famous quotes with Patch up

    • Jorn’s role in the Situationist movement (as in COBRA) was that of a catalyst and team leader. Guy Debord on his own lacked the personal warmth and persuasiveness to draw people of different nationalities and talents into an active working partnership. As a prototype Marxist intellectual Debord needed an ally who could patch up the petty egoisms and squabbles of the members. Their quarrels came into the open the moment Jorn’s leadership was withdrawn in 1961. . . . Finally, 1966-8 saw the vindication of Debord’s policy, sustained against every kind of opposition, of adhering rigidly to the uncompromising pursuit of a singleminded plan. When the time came — in Strasbourg in November 1966 and in Paris in May 1968 — Debord was ready, with his two or three remaining supporters, to take over the revolutionary role for which he had been preparing during the last ten years. Incredible as it may seem, the active ideologists (“enragés” and Situationists) behind the revolutionary events in Strasbourg, Nanterre and Paris, numbered only about ten persons.
      Guy Debord
    • Who to patch up his fame, or fill his purse, Still pilfers wretched plans, and makes them worse; Like gypsies, lest the stolen brat be known, Defacing first, then claiming for his own.
      Charles Churchill (satirist)

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