What is another word for cradle?

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Cradle is a noun that refers to a baby bed or a small bed used for resting an object inside of it. Some synonyms for cradle include bassinet, crib, manger, basket, casket, trough, and hammock. Additionally, cradle is also used as a verb to describe holding or gently rocking something. Synonyms for cradle as a verb include hold, embrace, support, raise, and nurture. These synonyms can be useful when writing or speaking to add variety and nuance to language. For example, instead of always using "cradle" when describing a baby bed, one could use a synonym like "bassinet" to add variety and expand vocabulary.

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    The cradle is a physical and psychological attachment between a mother and her newborn baby. Via the physical act of holding the baby, a mother establishes a trust relationship and communicates love. The psychological attachment is developed when the baby perceives the mother as a dependable caregiver. The physical and psychological attachments formed in the cradle provide a foundation for the baby's early development.

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