What is another word for self-opinionated?

Pronunciation: [sˈɛlfəpˈɪni͡ənˌe͡ɪtɪd] (IPA)

Self-opinionated is a term used to describe someone who is very sure of their own opinions and often believes they are always right. If you want to describe this kind of person without using the word "self-opinionated," there are a few synonyms you can use. You might call them arrogant, egotistical, or conceited. Other options include haughty, pompous, or opinionated. Some might describe this kind of person as stubborn or bull-headed, while others might use the phrase "know-it-all." No matter how you describe them, someone who is self-opinionated can be difficult to deal with and may not be open to hearing other perspectives.

What are the hypernyms for Self-opinionated?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for self-opinionated?

The word "self-opinionated" means having a high opinion of oneself and being unwilling to consider the opinions or ideas of others. Some antonyms for this word are humble, modest, open-minded, receptive, and adaptable. A humble person acknowledges their strengths and weaknesses and shows a willingness to learn from others. A modest person is unassuming and doesn't boast about their accomplishments. An open-minded person is willing to consider different viewpoints and is not rigid in their thinking. A receptive person is willing to listen and learn from others. An adaptable person can adjust to new situations and ideas. All of these antonyms promote a more collaborative and inclusive approach to communication and decision making.

Famous quotes with Self-opinionated

  • Without absolutes revealed from without by God Himself, we are left rudderless in a sea of conflicting ideas about manners, justice and right and wrong, issuing from a multitude of self-opinionated thinkers.
    John Owen

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