What is another word for debar?

Pronunciation: [dɪbˈɑː] (IPA)

Debar means to hinder or prevent someone from doing something. There are various synonyms for the word debar, such as prohibit, forbid, restrict, exclude, hinder, obstruct, impede, discourage, curtail, and interrupt. All these synonyms mean to stop or prevent someone from taking an action. Prohibit means to officially ban or forbid something, while forbid means to forbid someone from doing something. Restrict means to limit someone's actions, and exclude refers to removing someone from participation. Hinder, obstruct, and impede mean to make progress difficult or impossible. Discourage means to cause someone to lose confidence, while curtail means to reduce the extent or quantity of something. Interrupt means to stop someone's actions temporarily.

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What are the hypernyms for Debar?

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What are the opposite words for debar?

Debar means to exclude, prohibit, or prevent someone from doing something. Antonyms for debar would be to allow, permit, let in or include. For example, instead of debarring someone from entering a building, you may choose to admit them. In the realm of education, instead of debarring a student from attending a particular course or exam, you may allow them to enroll or participate. In a legal context, rather than debar an attorney from practicing law, they could be authorized to practice. The opposite of debar corresponds directly to the absence of hindrance or prohibition, so other antonyms include authorize, enable, and facilitate.

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Usage examples for Debar

As insurance companies rank trades as first-, second-, or third-class risks, so many factories, from long experience, debar men with certain characteristics which have been found detrimental to business.
"Civics and Health"
William H. Allen
The four hundred thousand-odd shares would come to only twenty thousand dollars, as against fifty thousand on the bond and lease; and yet, by buying the stock at once, he could effectually debar Blount from any share in the accumulating profits.
"Shadow Mountain"
Dane Coolidge
I shall be quite distressed if a stray word of mine should debar you from accepting a good offer of a secretaryship.
"Hilda Wade A Woman With Tenacity Of Purpose"
Grant Allen

Famous quotes with Debar

  • The moment a mere numerical superiority by either states or voters in this country proceeds to ignore the needs and desires of the minority, and for their own selfish purpose or advancement, hamper or oppress that minority, or debar them in any way from equal privileges and equal rights -- that moment will mark the failure of our constitutional system.
    Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • This, then, is the new illiteracy, the illiteracy of those who can read but don't. [...] This new illiteracy is more pernicious than the old, because unlike the old illiteracy it does not debar its victims from power and influence, although like the old illiteracy it disqualifies them for it. Those long-dead men and women who learned to read so that they might read the Bible and John Bunyan would tell us that pride is the greatest of all sins, the father of sin. And the victims of the new illiteracy are proud of it. If you don't believe me, talk to them and see with what pride they trumpet their utter ignorance of any book you care to name.
    Gene Wolfe

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