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Capitulation, also known as surrender or submission, refers to the act of giving up or yielding to an opponent or situation. It can also mean accepting an issue or argument without resistance. Synonyms for capitulation include acquiescence, surrender, submission, obedience, compliance, resignation, surrender, and submission. Other words that are similar in meaning include concession, compromise, and defeat. Each of these synonyms highlights the act of giving in or accepting an outcome, suggesting that capitulation is a less than positive outcome in most situations. Overall, capitulation is a term that implies a loss of power or control, and is often used in the context of conflict or defeat.

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How to use "Capitulation" in context?

Capitulation is one of the most Common occurrences in war, it is when an army surrenders after being batteled and losing. In modern times capitulation is often used to describe the surrender of a city by its military to an attacking force.

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