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Distilled is a term commonly associated with the process of creating alcoholic beverages like whiskey and gin. However, there are several synonyms that can be used to describe the same process, such as purified, concentrated, separated, refined, or rectified. Each term refers to the removal of impurities through the use of heat, pressure, or other chemical processes. Distilled water, for instance, is water that has been purified through distillation. Similarly, distilled vinegar is a concentrated version of regular vinegar that has been separated from its water content. Regardless of the term used, the outcome is the same - a more refined and pure form of a substance.

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    Distilled means reduced or concentrated. It is the process of making a spirituous or14 alcoholic beverage from wine, beer, cider, or other fermented products. In most countries, distilled spirits are divided into two categories, legal and illegal. Legally distilled spirits are made from a distillation of only grain and water. Illegal distilled spirits are made from a distillation of both grain and other ingredients.

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