What is another word for connective?

Pronunciation: [kənˈɛktɪv] (IPA)

Connective is a term that is widely used to describe different types of links or bonds between two or more things. There are numerous synonyms that can be used to describe this concept, including cohesive, coherent, interlinking, interconnecting, and unifying. The term "cohesive" refers to something that is well-integrated and connected, whereas "coherent" is used to describe a logical or connected sequence of events or ideas. "Interlinking" and "interconnecting" both refer to things that are connected to each other, while "unifying" suggests bringing together different elements to create a harmonious whole. All of these synonyms for connective illustrate the importance of strong links and connections in creating a sense of unity and coherence.

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There are several antonyms for the word "connective" which imply separation or disconnection. Some of the common antonyms include "disjoint," "disengage," "disconnect," "disunite," "separate," "disjoin," "break up," and "detach." Each of these words carries a slightly different meaning, but they all suggest some kind of division or disintegration. While "connective" denotes a link or a bond between two or more things, these antonyms suggest a lack of connection or a severing of ties. In everyday usage, these words might be used to describe the breakdown of interpersonal relationships or the disintegration of physical objects.

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Usage examples for Connective

Show the bone after it has been prepared in an acid solution, with only the connective tissue left.
"Ontario Teachers' Manuals: Household Management"
Ministry of Education
Compare the connective tissue of bone with that of fat, and let the pupils account for the difference in thickness.
"Ontario Teachers' Manuals: Household Management"
Ministry of Education
Lead them to see that connective tissue can be dissolved in hot water, and in this way may be extracted from the mineral part of bone.
"Ontario Teachers' Manuals: Household Management"
Ministry of Education

Famous quotes with Connective

  • If you have the material it will form itself as a kind of connective tissue.
    James McBride
  • I think that my work is my attempt, I suppose, is to try and become a piece of connective tissue. I'm trying to communicate with people here and in America - in rich countries - about what I see on the ground in badly affected areas.
    Emma Thompson
  • A central concept called into question by is the relation with . Does it make sense to define "virtual" reality as what actually reaches us through the Internet? How the artist relates to it, how he or she perceives and represents it and how a net-poet should "sing" it? The relationship with reality mediated by the Internet is a network of contacts in itself, it is ontologically a "connective" image of reality, which gradually outlines and qualify itself, both as reality and as representation.
    Caterina Davinio
  • Intelligence is always connective. The biosphere works this way, through continuous contacts, catalysts, neurons which touch and activate other neurons. Today, this all has not only biological and chemical consistency, but a technological and teleinformatics one: it is not just a metaphor, or a "virtual" reality, but a real entity, a kind of emanation of the biosphere.
    Caterina Davinio

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