What is another word for transact?

Pronunciation: [tɹansˈakt] (IPA)

Transact is a versatile word that implies carrying out a business transaction or conducting some sort of deal. A few synonyms of transact include negotiate, bargain, deal, buy and sell, conduct, perform, execute, trade, carry out, handle, finalize, and accomplish. All of these words suggest some sort of exchange, agreement or deal-making between parties. Whether in business, finance, law, or any other field, the word transact is an essential component in communicating about the carrying out of business or tasks. Using appropriate synonyms for transact based on the context helps to convey the message effectively and with clarity.

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What are the opposite words for transact?

Transact means to conduct business or a financial transaction. Its antonyms are words that indicate the opposite or the lack of any business or financial deal. The first antonym is neglect, which means to fail to take care of something. It is the opposite of transact because it suggests a lack of attention to conducting business. The second antonym is abandon, which means to leave something behind or give up on it. This is also an opposite of transact because it suggests a lack of effort or interest in conducting any kind of transaction. Finally, the third antonym is ignore, which means to disregard or pay no attention to something. It is another opposite of transact because it suggests a lack of action or engagement in any business or financial deal.

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Usage examples for Transact

Those who have had business to transact at such Courts know the difficulty that often arises from the absence of a second magistrate, there being a numerous class of cases with which one justice of the peace is not permitted to deal.
"Hodge and His Masters"
Richard Jefferies
14,735. The merchant, in short, appears in many cases to transact the whole of a man's business affairs?
"Second Shetland Truck System Report"
William Guthrie
12,444. Have you any dealings at all with the parties employed under your contractor, or do you make him transact all the necessary business with them?
"Second Shetland Truck System Report"
William Guthrie

Famous quotes with Transact

  • And, of course, it must be asked: is it proper to transact with the Turks for the most reassured of Greek possessions when Greece is under Turkish invasion and subjugation?
    Melina Mercouri

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