What is another word for perpetrate?

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Perpetrate is a word often used to describe committing a crime or an offense. However, there are several synonyms that can be used in place of perpetrate to give variety and depth to written or verbal communication. For instance, instead of perpetrate, one can use words such as commit, carry out, execute, perform, undertake, or initiate. Similarly, other synonym options include instigate, provoke, incite, launch, commence, or begin. All these words share the same meaning as perpetrate, thereby enabling writers and speakers to effectively communicate their thoughts and ideas without repeating words. By using synonyms, one can also convey a more accurate depiction of the situation or act being carried out.

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How to use "Perpetrate" in context?

To perpetrate, to continue to do something, especially after it has been explicitly forbidden, is to act in a way that brings about a desired result. Perpetrating can refer to committing a crime, and can also refer to carrying out a certain act with intention. When perpetrating something, one can be quite reckless, as if they are not worried about punishment. Perpetrating can also be used as a verb to describe continuing to do something despite resistance.

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