What is another word for untapped?

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[ ʌntˈapt], [ ʌntˈapt], [ ʌ_n_t_ˈa_p_t]

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    Synonyms for Untapped:

    How to use "Untapped" in context?

    There are countless untapped resources that businesses and individuals can tap into to boost their businesses. One example is social media. In a world where people are constantly plugged in, businesses that take advantage of this opportunity can create powerful connections with their customers and followers.

    Another untapped resource businesses can use is the internet of things. This network of devices, including cars, homes, and businesses, is constantly communicating with each other and can be used to track and monitor data. By using this information, businesses can improve their customer service and product offerings.

    The possibilities are endless when it comes to tapping into untapped resources.

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