What is another word for malign?

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Malign is a term that is often used to describe something or someone that is evil or harmful. Some synonyms for the word malign include malevolent, malicious, spiteful, nefarious, and wicked. These words all convey a sense of cruelty and wrongdoing, and can be used to describe people, actions or ideas that are intended to cause harm. Other synonyms for malign include harmful, destructive, and hurtful. These words suggest that the actions or words of an individual or group are causing harm, either intentionally or unintentionally. When looking for synonyms for malign, it's important to identify the specific context in which the word is being used, and choose a synonym that accurately conveys the intended meaning.

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    Malign means "harmful or evil." Damage done intentionally or through neglect can be malignant. Malignancies can be either benign or cancerous. Benign tumors are those that are not cancerous, and malignant tumors are cancerous. Cancers can be either primary, which arise from cells in the body, or secondary, which arise from cells that have worked their way out of the body and become cancerous.

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