What is another word for wend?

Pronunciation: [wˈɛnd] (IPA)

Wend means to proceed, move or travel in a specific direction. Some other synonyms for wend are to journey, trek, roam, migrate, wander, proceed, advance, navigate, trot, march, and progress. All these words convey moving or traveling from one place to another. They differ in their intensity and context of usage. Wend is often used while indicating to move slowly or precisely while march, for example, implies moving forward purposefully and briskly. Migrate suggests moving from one place to another to settle permanently or for a long duration of time. Overall, synonyms for wend constitutively convey the action of moving or traveling towards a particular direction.

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What are the opposite words for wend?

"Wend" is a word that means to travel or proceed in a specific direction. Antonyms for "wend" are words that describe actions that are contradictory or different, such as stay, remain, resist, deflect and standstill. When someone opts to stay in one place instead of wending their way somewhere else, they are resisting the impulse to move in a specific direction. Putting up a roadblock or obstacle serves to deflect or prevent someone from wending their way along a particular path. Using antonyms and synonyms in our language helps us to communicate more effectively and accurately convey what we want to say.

What are the antonyms for Wend?

Usage examples for Wend

For years I had noticed some sort of animal or monster wend its way shrieking and rumbling across our land, always going along the same trail without variation.
Durham, Andrew Everett
The children never forget Saint Thomas's Day, which ancient custom has consecrated to alms, and they wend their way from farmhouse to farmhouse throughout the parish; it is usual to keep to the parish, for some of the old local feeling still remains even in these cosmopolitan times.
"Wild Life in a Southern County"
Richard Jefferies
By the time they have mown the grass or reaped the wheat, as the case may be, in one county, the crops are ripe in another, to which they then wend their way.
"Wild Life in a Southern County"
Richard Jefferies

Famous quotes with Wend

  • If that be your guiding spirit in eating of the heart of the Earth, then little does it matter what you eat. But if that be, indeed, your guiding spirit, then should you have the wisdom and the love not to bereave the Earth of any of her children, especially those which have come to feel the pleasure of living and the pain of dying – those that have arrived at the segment of Duality. For they, too, have their road to wend, slowly and laboriously, towards Unity. And their road is longer than yours. Delay them in their march, and they shall delay you in your march.
    Mikha'il Na'ima
  • A fearful thing stood at the cloister's end And eyed him for a while, then 'gan to wend Adown the cloisters, and began again That rattling, and the moan like fiends in pain. And as it came on towards him, with its teeth The body of a slain goat did it tear, The blood whereof in its hot jaws did seethe, And on its tongue he saw the smoking hair; Then his heart sank, and standing trembling there, Throughout his mind wild thoughts and fearful ran: "Some fiend she was," he said, "the bane of man." Yet he abode her still, although his blood Curdled within him: the thing dropped the goat, And creeping on, came close to where he stood, And raised its head to him and wrinkled throat. Then he cried out and wildly at her smote, Shutting his eyes, and turned and from the place Ran swiftly, with a white and ghastly face.
    William Morris
  • Live on, for Love livethWhen the dead, and their deeds that die not shall awaken, And the world's tale shall sound in your trumpet of warning, And the sun smite the banner called Scorn of the Scorning, And dead pain ye shall trample, dead fruitless desire, As ye wend to pluck out the new world from the fire.
    William Morris
  • "I wended my way to the graveyard this evening," wrote Anne to Gilbert after she got home. "I think 'wend your way' is a lovely phrase and I work it in whenever I can. It sounds funny to say I enjoyed my stroll in the graveyard but I really did. Miss Courtaloe's stories were so funny. Comedy and tragedy are so mixed up in life, Gilbert. The only thing that haunts me is that tale of the two who lived together fifty years and hated each other all that time. I can't believe they really did. Somebody has said that 'hate is only love that has missed its way.' I feel sure that under the hatred they really loved each other . . . just as I really loved you all those years I thought I hated you . . . and I think death would show it to them."
    Lucy Maud Montgomery

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