What is another word for down-to-earth?

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[ dˌa͡ʊntʊˈɜːθ], [ dˌa‍ʊntʊˈɜːθ], [ d_ˌaʊ_n_t_ʊ_ˈɜː_θ]

"Down-to-earth" is a common term used to describe someone who is practical and unpretentious. However, if you're looking for alternative words to use, you might consider "unaffected," "accessible," or "unconventional." Other synonyms include "realistic," "pragmatic," and "grounded." "Genuine," "sincere," and "authentic" all convey a similar meaning. People who are down-to-earth are often described as "humble" and "unassuming." They may be "informal" or "approachable." In short, there are plenty of words that can be used to describe someone who is down-to-earth, each capturing a slightly different aspect of their personality.

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How to use "Down-to-earth" in context?

When most people think of "down-to-earth," they might imagine someone who is not too flashy or who does not take themselves too seriously. This type of person is usually easy to get along with and is someone who is not afraid to get their hands dirty. While having an "easygoing" personality is a major part of being down-to-earth, it is not the only factor. There is also the matter of having a realistic view of the world.

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