What is another word for imperturbable?

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[ ɪmpətˈɜːbəbə͡l], [ ɪmpətˈɜːbəbə‍l], [ ɪ_m_p_ə_t_ˈɜː_b_ə_b_əl]

When it comes to describing someone who is imperturbable, there are quite a few synonyms that come to mind. Some common alternatives include unflappable, stoic, composed, calm, collected, cool, serene, placid, and unruffled. These words all convey a sense of someone who is firmly in control of their emotions, regardless of what is happening around them. Other synonyms that may be used, depending on the context and desired tone, include resolute, determined, steadfast, and unshakeable. No matter which synonym you choose, all of these words paint a picture of someone who is calm, collected, and unflappable in the face of adversity.

Synonyms for Imperturbable:

How to use "Imperturbable" in context?

There is a quality that people often ascribe to persons who are "imperturbable." These folks are often capable of carrying on in the face of things that might perturb most people. This trait can be very advantageous in certain situations, such as when one is trying to maintain composure during a difficult conversation or when one is trying to remain calm during a panic attack. On the other hand, being imperturbable can also be an obstacle. For example, if someone is too imperturbable during a negotiation, they might end up getting taken advantage of.

Generally speaking, being imperturbable is a good thing.

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